Blood Sport; Live Hare Coursing Using Rabbits and Dogs Must End

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Hare coursing is a “blood sport" in which hares (wild rabbits) are captured and placed in enclosed runs as bait for dogs—usually Greyhounds--to chase, terrorize, maul, and kill. At the actual coursing events, the rabbits (hares) must run for their lives so that spectators can gamble and cheer on the competing dogs.

Many of these defenseless and gentle rabbits (hares) die or are horribly injured each year as they are mauled and tossed into the air on the coursing fields.

Some hares die within seconds of being struck by the fast moving dogs, while others die from agonizing internal injuries to their delicate organs or broken bones so fractured and splintered that they cannot heal and the animal cannot move.

This blood sport is still legal in Ireland, and John Fitzgerald of the Coalition to End Cruel Sports is once again trying to stop this cruel practice. He writes: “A member of Ireland's parliament, the Dail, will attempt in the coming months to have hare coursing banned. We desperately need people everywhere to help us petition the government of Ireland in support of this Bill.

There is an on-line petition (below) for opinions, and it only takes one minute." Here is a brief video that is important in understanding the need to ban this horrific practice immediately:

OPPINION-POLL VOTES CAN HELP: If your heart is touched by the need to end this gruesome “sport” you may add your vote to oppose it merely by answering one question:

Learn More About “Live-Hare Coursing”:


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