Blond YouTuber Claims DNA Test Proves She's Black (Photos)

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Blond YouTuber Claims DNA Test Proves She's Black (Photos) Promo Image

A blond YouTube star has drawn sharp criticism after she claimed a DNA test showed she is actually African-American.

Victoria Waldrip, 17, has a popular YouTube channel, "Woahh Vicky," and often posts videos of herself imitating an urban accent, wearing metallic teeth and using racial slurs, reports the Daily Mail.

The Atlanta native claimed a DNA test showed she has an African-American background, which seems to be at odds with her fair skin and dark blond hair. Waldrip has posted several videos in which she "acts black" as more proof of her supposed identity.

"My whole entire life my mom kept telling me 'you’re white' and I never believed her because I knew I was black," Victoria said. She also said she would now celebrate the day she "found out" she was black as her new birthday.

Predictably, criticism from online users has been sharp.

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"You got to give up this act though," wrote a commenter on one of her YouTube videos. "It's not going to give you anything positive or successful… You need to just be yourself and go to college, maybe for acting."

Waldrip has posted several videos directed specifically towards the black community, including makeup tutorials for those with a dark complexion and hair tip videos with "for black girls" in the title. She has more than 31,000 subscribers.

She also frequently responds to those questioning the accuracy of her claims, and seems to take offense to those who claim she's racist, according to the Daily Mail.

"How are you gonna sit here and tell me what race I am," she said. "If I say I’m black then I’m black." She then posted a screenshot of the results of a DNA test, which stated her ethnicity as 54 percent European American and 44 percent African American.

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Waldrip had stated in previous videos that she was 25 percent black, and many commenters were curious about why she would then post something that appeared to contradict her previous statements.

Both of Waldrip's parents are Caucasian, but she claims her African-American heritage comes from her father's side. She says her father never knew his father or the fact that he is actually mixed race.

Prominent figures in the hip-hop community have shared Waldrip's videos, including Snoop Dogg and Plies. She said she feels like she "made it" after they shared them and plans to be a rapper or reality TV star in the future.

Sources: Daily Mail, Woahh Vicky/YouTube / Featured Image: Agroscope/Flickr / Embedded Images: Instagram via Daily Mail

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