Motorist Caught On Camera Stripping In Bid To Stop Police From Towing Her Car (Video)


A blonde motorist was caught on camera allegedly stripping and pole-dancing for Russian police in order to get them to stop towing her car.

The vehicle was parked outside the Railway Workers’ House of Culture in the city of Tula.

The woman, who isn’t wearing any pants when the video begins, refuses to get off the tow truck and begins pole dancing.

“Look at how far some drivers go to stop their car being towed away,” wrote Anatoliy Aleksandrovich, who posted the video to YouTube.

“This lady did a real show, trying to stop traffic police from taking her car away,” he said.

Aleksandrovich noted that police must forfeit the car because the driver is now present.

“Legally she was right to stop them as by law police can not take away the car if the driver is present,” he said. “Despite the girl's best efforts the car was still taken away.”

Commenters said she should have used a more traditional cash bribe.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror

Image Credit: YouTube


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