Block-Long Baltimore Sinkhole Devours Cars (Video)

A block-long sinkhole opened up in a residential Baltimore neighborhood on Wednesday, swallowing ten cars and causing several home evacuations.

Central Maryland had received 4 inches of rain over a course of 24 straight hours when the fire department decided to suspend rail traffic and a block of Baltimore row houses had been evacuated.

In amateur video footage, the car-lined block can be seen just minutes before it collapses. Many neighbors can be heard worrying about their cars in the video and complaining about the city not fixing the potential problem earlier.

Suddenly, a woman off-screen can be heard screaming: “It’s moving!”

The side of the road suddenly collapses in the video, with the cars sending up a huge splash that formed a puddle on the railroad tracks behind it.

At a news conference, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told reporters the city was thankful no human lives had been lost.

Sources: NY Daily News, UPI


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