Blissfully Wedded Giant Turtles Call it Quits After 115-Year Marriage

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They say half of all marriages end in divorce. I guess even a century’s worth of matrimony isn’t a guarantee these days.

Despite sharing a life together for over 115 years, two giant turtles residing at an Austrian zoo have filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The split was an acrimonious one, despite the couples’ advanced age. The turtles, named Bibi and Poldi, refuse to even share a cage together, according to the Daily Mail.

“We get the feeling they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore,” said Helga Happ, Zoo Boss at the Klagenfurt Austrian Zoo.

Bibi and Poldi relocated to Klagenfurt nearly 36 years ago after originally settling in the Swiss Basel Zoo. The two giant turtles grew up in the same neighborhood and became an item at a young age. Theirs was a love story for the ages, at least until recent developments saw the two lovers estranged.

Happ claims it was Bibi, the female, who started the trouble. She recalls responding to a domestic disturbance at the turtles’ shared habitat only a few weeks ago. When she arrived on the scene, Bibi had taken a chunk out of Poldi’s shell with her horn-rimmed mouth. The violence continued for days until eventually Happ had to move Poldi into a battered turtle shelter for his own safety.

Eager to see the longtime lovers reconciled, Happ called in an animal relationship expert to try and repair the rift between the two. Bibi and Poldi submitted to a few hours of counseling, but it quickly became clear that the wounds were too deep. The ex-mates refused to play games together and had little reaction to a round of libedo enhancing aphrodisiacs that the experts hoped might get Bibi and Poldi back in the “loving” mood.

Faced with few options, Happ eventually had to respect the couple’s wishes and provide separate abodes. Keeping Bibi and Poldi apart now is integral, says Happ. Weighing in at over 100 kilos each, either turtle could easily kill the other. That would truly be an unhappy ending.

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