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Blinded Dog's Recovery Is 'Amazing' After Horrible Abuse From Owner

A tough Tibetan spaniel named Roadrunner is recovering well after being blinded and thrown off a balcony by its owner.

Kimberly Anderson, 36, has been charged with animal abuse and animal abandonment. According to an eyewitness, Anderson threw her 12 pound dog from the third floor balcony of her apartment in Kansas City, Missouri. She allegedly wrapped a leash around the dog’s neck, picked him up and slammed him on the floor. The witness also said that Anderson choked the dog and kicked him, leaving him outside crying from the pain.

Anderson is currently in Jackson County jail, awaiting trial. Her bail was set at $10,000.

Roadrunner was taken by The Kansas City Pet Project, an animal shelter in Missouri. His eyes were damaged beyond repair and vets were forced to remove them. The dog suffered a broken pelvis and needed multiple surgeries.

The good news is that Roadrunner’s days of suffering are a thing of the past. Manager of marketing for The Kansas City Pet Project Tori Fugate said the resilient pup is recovering well.

“We just wanted to show how well he is doing and show his recovery has just been amazing,” Fugate told the Kansas City Star. “He is just doing great.”

“He is adjusting very, very well. He gets along great with the two other dogs in his foster home. He loves playing with them, and he loves playing with toys,” she added. “He’s just acting like a normal dog. He is very cautious when he moves around and walks around in case he bumps into something. But if he bumps into it, he corrects himself.”

Roadrunner is recovering so well that he even starred in his own photo shoot with Kaye Ness Photography where he is seen donning ties and chewing on a fluffy toy bone.

The animal shelter revealed that donations covered most of the medical expenses for the dog’s surgeries and that many people across the country have shown interest in adopting Roadrunner.

“We are hoping to make an announcement soon about his future and what is going to happen,” Fugate said. “He has been medically cleared now.”

Source: Daily MailKansas City Star / Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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