Blind Woman Regains Eyesight After Hitting Head On Coffee Table


New Zealand woman Lisa Reid had been blind since she was 11-years-old – that is, until she hit her head on a coffee table and regained her sight.

During her childhood, Reid had a brain tumor that pushed against her optic nerve and caused her to lose vision. However, in November of 2000 at age 24, she leaned down to kiss her guide dog goodnight and hit her head on her coffee table. Although Reid is still considered to be legally blind, the knock to her head restored some of her vision.

“It's amazing. I don't think there will ever be any words to describe it.” Reid said. “I missed out on seeing myself grow. By the time I got my sight back my brother had grown into a man and I was a woman.”

Reid added that one of the first things she did was admire the drinks aisle at the supermarket because there is now so much variety. Still, Reid noted that those things aren’t important to her.

“It comes down to rags and riches, we don’t need all the material rubbish,” Reid said. “That’s not what life is about.”

Reid noted that with assistance from her guide dog, she has been able to regain her confidence.

Reid’s story follows the celebration of Blind Week, a New Zealand fundraiser running from October 29 to November 3, which helps raise awareness for the country’s Blind Foundation. The Blind Foundation provides practical and emotional support to thousands of citizens affected by sight loss.

The money raised for Blind Week will aid those who are blind or with low vision to continue living independently, help with technology, find jobs and continue reading.

Sources: DailyMail,

Photo Source: Blind Foundation (NZ)


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