Blind Man Says Miami Police Dumped Him a Mile From Home (Video)


Plainclothes police officers arrested three black men for allegedly sharing a marijuana cigarette on Aug. 27 in Miami, Fla.

The cops didn't find any marijuana on the men, but cited a marijuana cigarette nearby.

Police allowed two of the men to sign tickets promising to appear in court, but handcuffed Tannie “T-Man” Burke and took him to their car, which he had trouble entering.

Burke’s stepfather Marvin Armstrong, who filmed the arrest (video below), yelled at the police, "He's blind, dumb ass," noted the Miami New Times.

Burke can't see from his right eye and can only see vague large shapes and blurry lights from his left.

Burke claims the police officers didn't take him to a station or jail, but rather drove him around for 20 minutes before dumping him on some vacant land almost a mile from his home.

“There were no street lights and no houses,” Burke told CBS Miami. “It was just dark.”

Burke said he told police that he was blind, but they refused to take him home. Burke claims the cops were trying to pay him back for Armstrong's comments.

“They said, `Your stepfather got a lot of mouth. You know we don’t like that,’” stated Burke.

“I went down the street until I found some light and I stayed on the same street going back and forth until somebody came,” recalled Burke.

Prosecutors dropped the marijuana charges last month, while the Burke family filed a complaint with the Miami Dade Police Department, which refused to comment because the incident is being investigated.

Sources: CBS Miami, Miami New Times


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