Blind Man Kicked Out Of Restaurant Because Of Service Dog


A blind man from California says he was kicked out of a Sacramento Indian restaurant because he had a service dog with him, and now, he’s hoping to teach the owners a thing or two about the law.

James Malone has been blind for his entire life and uses a service dog to help him with everyday life, so when he entered the Sun Sky Indian Restaurant, he didn’t expect to be turned away. The restaurant’s manager, however, immediately told him, his family, and the dog that they were not welcome inside.

“No dog. Get out. Just get out,” the manager allegedly said.

Attorney Robert Borelle, a noted Disability Rights advocate, says that restaurants and places of business can only deny entry to service dogs for a couple of very specific reasons because of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“If the animal is out of control and it appears that owner can’t regain control or if that animal is not housebroken,” said Borelle to CBS Sacramento.

CBS decided to do their own experiment and sent another blind person to the restaurant with a service dog to see how the restaurant reacts. When that person is also denied, the planted blind man informs them of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Now, the owner is apologizing for the way the two blind men were treated, saying that they “really don’t know too much” about the ADA and promising that they’ll treat our workers about the laws.”

Sources: CBS Sacramento, Consumerist


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