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Blind Gunman Jim Miekka Hits 80 Percent Of Targets

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Jim Miekka, a former physics teacher from Homosassa, FL., has learned to shoot by sound alone. With the aid of his specially designed HMR 17 rifle, which he created himself, he is able to shoot targets 100 feet away with an 80 percent accuracy rate.

“When I first started I was hitting about 25 percent of the time,”Miekka said. “I think I’m hitting about 80 percent or something like that.”

Miekka refers to himself as the world’s best blind target shooter, and his friends call him the Midnight Gunslinger.

The rifle translates the image of a target into electricity, which is then emitted into a sound box that his earphones are plugged into. Miekka said a rifle model presented at the 1939 World’s Fair, which transmitted visual image into sound, inspired him.

For over a year, Miekka has been practicing fast draw shooting at Hernando Sportsman’s Club with other Classical Fast Draw Society members. He can draw and shoot in under half a second.

“Not being able to see the target, remember where it is and actually get right on it. He’s done awesome,” Randie “Mad Jack” Rickert said.

Miekka was not born blind, but lost his eyesight and two fingers after an explosion at 26-years-old, and he has learned to accommodate his needs since then.

In 2010, he premiered the Hindenberg Omen, a system which helps predict stock market crashes. In addition to his accomplishments as a marksman and inventor, Miekka also publishes Sudbury Bull and Bear Report in his spare time.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Blaze


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