Hannity and Limbaugh's Hypocrisy on Libya, Obama


I absolutely detest the statement, "don't undermine the commander in chief in a time of war." We are a nation built upon the right of a free people to dissent with their government and their president, in a time of war or not. After all, presidents and governments aren't perfect (by any means) when it comes to war policy.

So if a conservative wants to condemn President Obama over the military engagement in Libya, please go ahead. I would not stop you nor call you un-American nor state you are a traitor for doing so. I would not question your patriotism. I will, though, applaud you for taking the time to exercise your First Amendment freedom of speech rights.

What I do detest even more than this cliche statement are those who state it while condemning those who oppose a war they support, but who then oppose a president they disagree with in a later war or engagement. Who are the masters at this act?

Well, the two biggest names in conservative talk radio, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh and Hannity spent part of the Clinton Adminstration opposing Clinton's Bosnian/Serbian/Kosovo policy, including military action. Now they are condemning the Libyan military policy that President Obama has enacted. I do not fault them for their opposition. But it is the utter and complete height of hypocrisy to criticize Obama while condemning opposition to the war in Iraq. Hannity and Limbaugh aren't the only right-wingers guilty of this blatant hypocrisy but they are the most famous ones. I am amazed at how they can forget their previous statements while condemning Obama over Libya.

Are they aware of this hypocrisy or just choose to ignore it? There will probably come the time within the next 20 years where a Republican president has a war that those two support and I fully expect both men (if still on the air) to once again state we must "support the president/ commander in chief in a time of war." I also expect their loyal audiences to ignore the blatant hypocrisy once again.


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