Blame "Stoners Against Prop 19" for Pot Defeat


Supporters of legal marijuana in California are blaming fellow pot smokers for the defeat of Prop 19.

Members of a group called "Stoners Against Prop 19" were vocal in their opposition to the measure. Some of these people are owners of medical marijuana dispensaries. Their opponents on the Yes to Prop 19 side say they launched the anti-Prop 19 campaign to protect their own profits.

"Traitors. Low of low," media personality and cannabis activist Tim Martin of John Doe Radio called them.

Marijuana supporters are now organizing a boycott of the "offending" dispensaries:

"These are truly awful people and trust me, a list is being compiled of all dispensaries who were not on board," activist Eric Brenner of "The California Marijuana Report" said. "I would stop calling for unity and take a look at those criminals who played right into the hands of the police, handing them victory."

Activists are not giving up -- they say they will work to get the measure on the ballot in two years.

"Don't worry," Brenner said. "We will be back in 2012."


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