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Blake Shelton Rescues Fellow Oklahoman From Car Stuck In Flood, Gives Him A Ride Home

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A man in Oklahoma got a pleasant surprise in the midst of a scary situation when country star Blake Shelton rescued him from the flooded waters of Tropical Storm Bill and gave him a ride home.

Roho Hartman, an Ardmore, Oklahoma, man was heading home when he reached a flooded area. 

“There was a car on the other side..he went through it,” Hartman said. “I thought huh…I believe I’d make it too.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it through. Hartman and another local man began pushing his truck up a hill through waist-deep waters, and soon another Oklahoma resident arrived with a tow rope to help out. This local, however, was oddly familiar to Hartman.

“The guy said ‘are you ready?’” he said. “I thought…that looks like Blake Shelton.”

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It was, indeed, Shelton. The men were able to get Hartman’s truck up the hill, but he still had far to go before he was home.

“I said hey, could you give me a ride home?'” he told reporters. “He said ‘where do you live’…I said, ‘just right over yonder.'”

Shelton agreed, and the pair drove to Hartman’s house. On the way, Hartman called home and gave his wife a heads up about their famous incoming guest.

“I said you wouldn’t believe it, Blake Shelton pulled me out,” he said. “Told her ‘you better slick up, we’ll be there in just a minute.'” After arriving at the house, the group engaged in some conversation and a few photos before Shelton went on his way. 

Hartman said he’d like to return the favor one day, though he didn’t have an opportunity to exchange contact information with the famous singer.

“I didn't get a chance to get Blake's number — but I did give him my card though... maybe you can get him on that Facebook, however that is — I don't know nothing about it,” he said. “It's great, he's pretty good. He's a good fella I think, I like him.”

Sources: Daily Mail, KFOR

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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