Blake Shelton Hints At Retirement

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Fans are disappointed after country singer and "The Voice" coach Blake Shelton hinted he may retire soon.

Shelton, 41, was congratulating Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians on his retirement on Twitter when he implied he would be joining him soon, reports website Taste of Counrty.

"Watching [Bruce Arian's] life story NFL channel," Shelton tweeted on Jan. 3. "D**n proud to call you my friend coach. Enjoy your retirement!!! I’ll be joining you REAL soon brother!!! #hero."

It wasn't clear whether Shelton meant he will soon be retiring from "The Voice" or from music entirely.

Still, it's not the first time Shelton has implied he may abandon his career, fueling speculation he at least meant music -- if not both.

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In a backstage red carpet interview, Shelton revealed his album "Texoma Shore" -- released in November 2017 -- could be his finale in the music industry.

"I mean, that last album I made was gonna be my last -- this next album I’m making is probably gonna be my last album," Entertainment Tonight filmed Blake saying in May 2017. "So I really gotta decide what I wanna do."

Shelton's fans are clearly unhappy with the retirement talk. After the star posted his Jan. 3 tweet, many begged him to keep working.

"No retirement talk," wrote one social media user. "Way too young. Besides we [are] not ready to let u go. Just get days off more often and it will do it."

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"You CANNOT retire, country music needs you!" another person said. "Love your music!!!"

"Please say it isn’t so," chimed in a third person. "Retirement! The Voice would go down hill Country Music would never be the same! No way you can retire at your age!"

However, others wished the country music mogul well and seemed to feel retirement may not be a bad idea.

"Family is what’s important!" wrote one. "Enjoy yours!! Now! Don’t wait."

"Maybe retirement from busy country touring is the answer to a happy family life… then do so… and so must Gwen," added another, referring to Shelton's girlfriend, singer Gwen Stefani. "Life is too short...enjoy now, have kids and have fun as they grow up."

"You go for it Blake!" said a third. "Life is so short that you should do whatever makes you the happiest especially if your in a position to do so at an earlier age then most!!!!!   I’m sure Gwen and the boys would be right there with you in whatever you decide!!!!"

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