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Blake Lively's Instagram Post Sparks Controversy

Actress Blake Lively has triggered a debate with an Instagram post showing a split screen selfie.

On May 18, the 28-year-old took to Instagram and showed off two views of herself from a red carpet event at the Cannes Film Festival. One view showed her from the front, and the other showed her from behind.

"L.A face with an Oakland booty," Lively wrote as a caption.

Many took offense to the remark, which some saw as an inappropriate reference to Oakland, which has a high black population.

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"Unbelievably problematic, using women of color's bodies as a joke," one Instagram follower wrote. "I guess you just want people to know you're racist and you don't give a s—t."

"Another day, another rich white woman using WOC's bodies as a punchline and commodity," another wrote, according to Daily Mail. "As if Blake Lively wasn't the worst already."

Opinion seems divided, however. As CBS notes, Lively’s post has been liked over 500,000 times in just one day.

Her defenders said she is just referencing lyrics from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s song "Baby Got Back."

"I refuse to worry about Blake Lively posting a sir mix a lot lyric with a picture of her backside," one user wrote, according to Sacramento Bee. "The revolution does not start here."

"She is using the bodies of women of color as a punchline and a commodity and I don’t blame them for being somewhat offended!" another critic wrote, according to CBS.

Lively, who has been married to actor Ryan Reynolds for three years, is not the first person to use the quote, Daily Mail notes. Khloe Kardashian and Katie Perry used it when posting images of themselves in the past, and no backlash resulted.

Kardashian’s post was made alongside a selfie in 2015.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS News, Sacramento Bee / Photo Credit: Blake Lively/Instagram via Daily Mail

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