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#BlackLivesMatter Activist: 'All Lives Matter' Is A 'Violent Statement' (Video)

#BlackLivesMatter activist Julius Jones told CNN today that the phrase “all lives matter” is a “violent statement” (video below).

Jones and fellow activist Daunasia Yancey were being interviewed by CNN host Wolf Blitzer about their meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, notes

Blitzer wanted to know if #BlackLivesMatter activists would continue interrupting speeches by presidential candidates, reports Jones told Blitzer they would do "whatever it takes to get '#BlackLivesMatter' on the national agenda."

Jones recalled the police shootings of Samuel DuBose and Tamir Rice, and the death of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail cell.

Jones added:

So, temper, I would say temper your perspective with the urgency that black lives are actively under attack, and we are in a terrible war with our own country. African-Americans are Americans and we’re not treated like that, we’re not treated as if black lives matter.

And when people say, "All lives matter," it’s actually a violent statement because the only time that people say, "All lives matter" is in opposition to "Black lives matter," and it’s the most violent statement of love that you can do.

It’s like, "All lives matter!" Yes, we understand that, it’s true, but in this country for the long time, the United States acts like black lives don’t matter.

Sources:, / Photo Credit: CNN Screenshot


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