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#BlackBrunchNYC Demonstrators Protest White People Eating Brunch

Activists using the hashtag "#BlackBrunchNYC" entered eateries around New York City on Sunday to interrupt white diners and read the names of African Americans who had been killed by the police.

While some patrons were offended and shocked, others were sympathetic to the protesters, noted

Activist Camila Ibanez tweeted: "Manager tried to lock us in the restaurant to have us all arrested. Literally raced him to the door. #whichSideAreUon #blackbrunchnyc," and: "ATTN WHITE Man, I have no guilt disturbing your brunch. Its YOU that has no right to be here. #blackbrunchnyc."

Activist Sharmin Ultra added: "We interrupt your brunch time to let you know there is a war on Black lives. We will not stay silent. #BlackBrunchNYC."

DAS RACIST posted, "Black people are dying *white dude sips coffee* #blackbrunchnyc #BlackLivesMatter," and, "Reading the names of New Yorkers killed by police @ the barking dog on 33rd n lex. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackBrunchNYC."

According to, protesters also demonstrated in Oakland and posted tweets.

Lee Romney tweeted: "#BlackBrunch protesters entering Oak restaurants 2 read names of dead. Manager of Forge: 'I think it's beautiful.'"

However, there was push back from people who opposed the protests:

LibsBeLike tweeted, "#blackbrunchnyc New Protest Strategy: Disrupt the meals of the very people who have to get up for work tomorrow to keep your EBT Card full."

Leslie posted, "Imagine what #BlackBrunchNYC could accomplish by spending Sundays helping fatherless youth in their communities become responsible adults."

NRA news writer and The Blaze contributor John Cardillo tweeted a picture of himself holding a gun with the caption: "I'm really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now. #BlackBrunchNYC."

Sources:, Twitter, / Image Credit: Twitter Screenshot


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