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Young Black Man Knocks Out Homeless White Woman, Bystanders Do Nothing (Video)

A cellphone video (below) of a young black man knocking out a homeless white woman has gone viral, resulting in the arrest of a suspect.

The incident took place in Browns Park in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Oct. 17, notes

In the video, several witnesses stand and sit nearby as the young man taunts the woman, winds up a punch and smacks her as she sits on a bench.

The man who filmed the incident appears to cheer on the attack, and films the woman as she lay unconscious.

The young man who struck the woman and a second young man pose next to the victim, cursing and bragging about the assault.

The woman was reportedly taken to a hospital where she is in serious condition with a brain injury.

The video was posted to Facebook on Oct. 17 by user Bdsb BroadDay, went viral and found its way to the local police, the Press of Atlantic City reports.

Ibn Hunter, 25, was arrested on Oct. 19 and charged with aggravated assault.

Warning: This video contains graphic language and content.

Sources:, The Press of Atlantic City / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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