Black Woman Arrested During Interview About Cops (Video)


An unidentified African-American woman was arrested by police in Rochester, New York, on July 8 while giving an interview to a reporter about police violence (video below).

The woman was part of a Black Lives Matter protest against police brutality, notes The Independent.

"I’m not going to hit anybody, I’m not going to shoot anybody," the woman told Time-Warner Cable (TWC) reporter Tara Grimes. "I’m going to speak to you, I’m going to use my words."

"I’m going to articulate myself because the message needs to be heard, the message is important," the woman added. "We don’t need this exact format, we need us to come out in numbers, we need more Rochesterians."

Police suddenly took the woman into custody as she said, "Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God."

The protesters witnessed the arrest and started shouting, "No justice, no peace!"

Before the woman was arrested, she addressed the police officers, which were dressed in riot gear:

I need one answer. There are so many cops out here but, zero answers, zero answers. What do you want from us? What do you expect from us? Are we boring you? Is it boring? So you're onto the next guy you pull over that you're so shaken in yourself that you have shoot their bodies six times. It's boring until then, right?

During the same rally, two African-American TV reporters from WHAM, Carlet Cleare and Justin Carter, were handcuffed by police and later released, reports the Democrat & Chronicle.

Richard J. McCollough, president of the Rochester Association of Black Journalists, said in a statement:

This is a sad and unfortunate irony, as our two colleagues were precisely there to cover reports of widespread implicit bias on the part of police. The fact that they were placed in handcuffs and detained nearly confirms and underscores such bias...

Our colleagues were there guaranteeing citizens' First Amendment right to get information on public affairs through a free press. We think an open and free discussion of community concerns would well serve everybody in the long run.

Rochester Police Department Chief Michael Ciminelli later said: "I apologize for that. They were there trying to do their job covering this event."

Ciminelli stated that 74 people were arrested for disorderly conduct. He wouldn't go into detail about the arrests, but insisted that his officers "didn't blindly make arrests."

Sources: The Independent, Democrat & Chronicle / Photo credit: Tara Grimes/Twitter via YouTube

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