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Black Veteran Suing Florida Cops Over Beating (Video)

Former Orlando, Florida, police officer William Escobar was caught on cellphone and body-cam videos hitting and kicking Refus Holloway, an Air Force veteran, who was handcuffed.

The incident happened in March 2014; however, the body-cam video (below) has only recently been released.

The body cam was attached to another police officer who yelled "Escobar! Escobar!" during the incident, before turning around.

"That's what my whole disappointment is about this," Holloway told WESH Orlando. "They allowed it to happen."

WFTV reported on the existence of the body-cam video back in October 2014, and how the Orlando Police Department claimed there was no video when it originally sent the case to the State Attorney's Office.

Holloway has filed a federal lawsuit against Escobar, the City of Orlando and Officer Joel Williams, who allegedly kicked, pepper-sprayed and pointed his gun at Holloway.

Escobar was fired last Wednesday and charged with battery and perjury. Officer Williams and other cops at the scene were not disciplined.

Police arrived when Holloway was trying to break up a fight at a relative's house, Hollaway's family said.

"Refus was trying to tell the police officers what happened," Holloway's lawyer, Bradley Laurent, told the Orlando Sentinel in June 2014. "He wasn't yelling, he wasn't being belligerent in any way shape or form."

Holloway was originally charged with resisting arrest, but that charge was dropped by prosecutors.

Sources: WESH, WFTV, Orlando Sentinel / Image Credit: WESH Screenshot


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