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Passenger Kicked Off Flight For Wearing This (Photos)

A United Airlines passenger was kicked off a flight on Oct. 12 because the pilot was allegedly offended by her wardrobe.

The passenger was Amanda Stevens, and the offensive garments were a Marvel superhero hat and shirt featuring an upside-down flag, reports the Daily Mail.

Stevens, a black transgender journalist, was flying from Albany, New York, to Chicago, where she was going to cover the world championship tournament for online battle game "League of Legends."

Upon boarding, she was told that her shirt made the pilot uncomfortable.

The shirt is from a line of merchandise marketed by New York rapper A$AP Rocky. The "hip hop golden child,” as he is described on his website, has explained that he uses the upside-down flag symbol “because our world is upside down.”

Upon being confronted about her shirt, Stevens immediately vented her opinion on Twitter: “Dear @united this shirt shouldn't make your pilot uncomfortable enough to warrant having me spoken to and told to take it off.”

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Soon thereafter, Stevens says she was informed that she could not wear her promotional cap for the Marvel superhero Black Panther, who is officially described as “a brilliant tactician, strategist, scientist, tracker and a master of all forms of unarmed combat whose unique hybrid fighting style incorporates acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry.”

That prompted another Twitter comment from Stevens, who tweeted, “This is unreal and f*****g racist…. The pilot feels "uncomfortable" @united I didn't know he has to look at me while he flies. I feel uncomfortable having a racist pilot.”

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Later, Stevens informed her Twitter followers that she had been kicked off the flight.

After three hours of trying to get booked on another flight, she finally succeeded, announcing on Twitter that she was “safe and sound” aboard another flight.

“Thanks for the support,,” she tweeted. “F**k the hate. I just want to be in Chicago focused on work.”

In an official statement, United Airlines said that it was “in contact with Ms Stevens to discuss this matter further…. Both United and SkyWest hold our employees to the highest standards of professionalism…and have zero tolerance for discrimination.”

Sources: Daily Mail,, / Photo Credit: Twitter/Amanda Stevens

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