Black Teen Warned Others Of Violence, Gunned Down In New Jersey (Video)

Kyzeir Baker was shot on Jan. 22 in Newark, New Jersey, and died on Jan. 28 in a local hospital.

In a sad stroke of irony, Baker had warned young people not to commit violence or join gangs in a video (below) last summer, noted NBC New York.

Baker said in the video, which was produced in a city-funded class, that he believed young people joined gangs because they did not get enough love at home. He added that some kids grow up without a father, mother, or either parent, and learn on the streets how to make money by committing crimes. Baker recalled how his 14-year-old friend was stabbed to death while trying to rob someone.

"It's sad. It's like every night somebody dies ... It's sad to see how all of these young teenagers are dying so fast every day," Baker said.

"Avoid the streets ... the streets are always going to be there," Baker added. "You don't have to be involved with it."

An unidentified 18-year-old man was shot during the same incident as Baker, but survived.

"It's definitely a plague on this city, and a plague on these young boys," Baker's aunt, Kiesha, told NJ.com. "There is a pressure on them to be a part of something. They are either in a gang or they get jumped everyday. I just never thought that it would be at my back door, that it would be my family."

Kiesha said her nephew's death was over "some kind of [territory] beef. He wasn't out on the streets. I think it was a guilty by association thing. It's senseless."

According to Kiesha, the teen was raised by his grandmother after his father left the family and his mother struggled with drug addictions. The boy was reportedly an honor roll student.

Sources: NBC New York, NJ.com / Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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