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Unarmed Teen Gets Shot, Killed by Missouri Police

Mike Brown, 18, was unarmed when he was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., on Saturday afternoon.

Brown was shot “more than just a couple of times,” the St. Louis County Police Department said during a press conference today (video below).

“[The police officer) shot again and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air,” Dorian Johnson, who was with Brown, told News 4. “He started to get down and the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.”

Esther Haywood, president of the St. Louis County NAACP, claimed that Brown was shot an additional nine times after the first shot, but that has not been confirmed by police.

The Ferguson Police Department asked for police officers from neighboring towns and counties to help control a large crowd that gathered at the shooting scene last night and yelled, "No Justice, No Peace!"

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson announced that the St. Louis County Police took over the investigation, and the police officer who shot Brown is on paid administrative leave.

According to Fox 2, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said today that the police officer encountered two teens (Brown and Johnson) on the street. Belmar stated the officer claimed one of the teens, or both, shoved him into his police car, there was a struggle for the cop's gun, one shot was fired inside the police cruiser, but didn't hit anyone.

Chief Belmar claims the police officer fired his gun at the teens as they ran away. Brown was hit multiple times and died at the scene.

However, Johnson claims the police officer drove up, ordered him and Brown to stop walking on the street and use the sidewalk.

Witness Piaget Crenshaw said there was verbal confrontation between the teens and the police officer, who got out of his car and started firing shots.

Johnson said he hid behind a car during the shooting, but Brown stopped and held up his hands to show that he was unarmed. Johnson and Crenshaw claim the police officer shot Brown two more times. Brown collapsed and died in the street.

Sources: News 4, Fox 2


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