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Black Santa Claus is Shot by Pellet Gun While Giving Away Gifts (Video)

A black Santa Claus was shot in the back with a pellet gun during a toy giveaway in Washington D.C. on Tuesday morning.

A WJLA reporter was interviewing the Santa, who suddenly stopped and groaned in pain (video below).

"Somebody shot me, somebody shot me," yelled the Santa. “Something in my back! Ughh!"

The WJLA reporter asked Santa repeatedly if he needed him to call 911.

To his credit, Santa wanted to keep giving away presents, but paramedics insisted that he go to the hospital for treatment.

Eventually Santa was taken to a nearby hospital where a pellet was found in his shoulder. Fortunately, a "Grinch" was able to fill in for Santa and handed out the rest of the toys, reports

Witnesses said they heard two shots. Police believe the shots were fired from a second story window in a nearby building, but do not have any suspects.

Sources: and WJLA


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