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Black Police Officer Says White Officers Racially Profiled, Arrested Her, Knew She was a Cop (Video)

Nassau County, N.Y. Police Officer Dolores Sharpe claims she was racially profiled by two white police officers and arrested on Nov. 29, even though she identified herself as an officer.

“I have been wrongfully charged and falsely arrested, requiring me to defend against allegations that are based on prejudice coming from my own police force,” Officer Sharpe said during a press conference on Thursday, reports NBC New York (video below).

“I have been terribly disappointed by the Nassau County Police Department, to whom I have dedicated two decades of my work life,” added Officer Sharpe.

Officer Sharpe claims that she was confronted by a white police officer before and after she went into a store in West Hempstead, N.Y.  The white officer claimed Officer Sharpe was blocking his view of an investigation with her parked car.

According to Sharpe's attorney, Fred Brewington, the white police officer did not use racial slurs, but did say “all types of curse words and comments to her that I can’t repeat.”

About two blocks away from the store, the white police officer pulled over Officer Sharpe. A second white police officer arrived and they took her into custody even though she identified herself as a Nassau County Police Officer.

Sharpe says she was told during her arrest that she would be suspended without pay, but was moved to a screener (desk) position for job applications.

The Associated Press reports that Sharpe was charged with resisting arrest and harassment for allegedly trying to hit the second white police officer with a chain from her police badge.

Sharpe is due in court on Jan. 9, 2014.

Sources: NBC New York and Associated Press


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