Black Mom: 'Racist' Pirate Ship Toy Includes Slave (Video)

An African-American mom in Sacramento, California, claims that her son's new Playmobil pirate ship came with a black slave character and instructions on how to shackle its neck (video below).

Ida Lockett told CBS Sacramento that while putting the toy together, she was shocked to find a dark-skinned character who did not have shoes and wore tattered clothing, plus instructions on how to place what she called a "slave collar" on it.

“You cannot have this specific accessory and call it anything else,” Lockett told CBS Sacramento. “You can Google it, look it up ... say what it is; it’s a slave collar.”

“It’s definitely racist,” she added. “It told my son to put a slave cuff around the black character’s neck, and then to play with the toy.”

CBS Sacramento contacted Playmobil and Toys ‘R’ Us, where the toy was purchased, but neither company responded.

“This is deplorable,” Sacramento NAACP President Stephen Webb said. "This cannot be accepted and needs to be pulled off the shelf."

The pirate ship does appear on the Playmobil website and is priced at $89.99, but there is no mention of the toy people pieces.

In a December 2014 review (video below), JANGmobil described the character as a "deckhand who used to be a captive of the soldiers that the pirates fight against. He was just recently rescued, so they haven't figured how to get his shackles off just yet."

(Note: Character description is at 3:23 mark.)

Sources: CBS Sacramento, Playmobil, JANGmobil via YouTube / Photo Credit: CBS Sacramento Screenshot


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