Black-Market Monkey Sale Goes Bad When Buyer Pepper Sprays Woman, Makes Off With $7,500 Primate

Be careful who you sell your monkey to.

That’s the lesson learned by a Missouri woman who traveled all the way to Grand Junction, Colorado where she met a man she later described as Middle Eastern, about 5-foot-5 and in his late 30s, with thin build and a short beard.

The woman had her her black cap Capuchin monkey in a pet-carrier. Monkeys are legal to own in Missouri — but not in Colorado. The man was supposed to pay her to take the monkey off her hands.

The price tag on the monkey: $7,500.

But when she met the mysterious buyer at a La Quinta Inn in Grand Junction, instead of handing over the cash, he assaulted her, doused her with pepper spray and ran off with the monkey.

Police are now hunting for the assailant and monkey-thief.

“We’re looking for any kind of evidence or information that we can get,” a spokesperson for the Grand Junction police told a local TV news station. “So if that’s surveillance video, if that is other people who might have seen something suspicious — or someone who noticed a gentleman with a monkey.”

The woman, who has not been named publicly, sustained other injuries in addition to being pepper sprayed, police said.

As for the monkey, though the animal is illegal to possess in Colorado, if they can recover it, authorities plan to send it to a state that has a sanctuary where the little creature can live out its days in peace.

Sources: Fox 31 News, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel


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