Black Man Says He Was Beaten by Cops for Refusing to Roll Down Window (Video)

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Curtis Shannon posted a video this week of a confrontation he had with St. Petersburg, Fla., police officers on Dec. 26, 2013.

In the video (below), Shannon has his license and registration ready to give to a police officer, who pulled him over for alleged "erratic driving," but refuses to roll down his window and step out of the car because he doesn't want to be beaten.

Instead, Shannon offers numerous times to hand the documents to the officer through a small opening of his partially rolled down window, notes

“My name is Cpl. Shannon, USMC,” Shannon tells the officer. “You can have my license and registration.”

“I need you to get out of this car, that’s what I need you to do,” replies the officer.

Shannon asks the officer why he must step out of the car and the cop says, “Because I asked you to.”

“That’s not a good reason,” Shannon calmly states. “You pulled me over a half a block from my house, I’ve cooperated fully so far. I’ve already heard enough about SPPD around here. I’m not going to step out of this car so you can beat the hell out of me.”

The angry cop yells back, “So, I can do what to you?”

The police officer threatens to break the window several times.

After several other officers arrive, Shannon agrees to step out of the car, but tries to take his cell phone with him to continue filming, which the police struggle with him over.

Shannon writes on his GoFundMe page (where he is soliciting donations to cover his financial and legal costs):

The officer then slammed me onto the ground, making sure that my head made full contact with the curb on the way down. He got on top of me and demanded I give him my arm (so he could handcuff me). I couldn't. He was intentionally pinning that arm to the ground with his knee and he knew it.

For almost two minutes, he would elbow me in the back of the head (elbows don't leave bruises or bumps as easily), knee me in the ribs and kept yelling for me to give him my arm. Then it started to make sense. As the stars flashed behind my eyelids after every strike, I realized that we are between two parked cars. No one can see us.

As far as anyone else can tell, I'm fighting this officer on the ground. So I just laid there and shouted as loud as I could , "YOU'RE PINNING MY ARM TO THE GROUND!! QUIT PUNCHING ME!!" He stops and you can start to hear the mumbles and murmurs of the neighbors as they start to discuss what's happening. The officer realized that playtime is over and cuffs me. When he gets me off the ground, I could see the mischevous (sic) grins on two of the officers' faces. The third one, the one who said I would'nt (sic) be harmed, just stood there almost in disbelief. Maybe he was new, I don't know.

After spending the night in jail, Shannon went to a local Veterans Hospital for his injuries.

According to, the police officer's report contradicts some of the video:

I exited my marked patrol cruiser and walked towards the vehicle and I noticed the driver staring at me with a blank stare as he continued revving the engine louder and louder. I thought by his actions the subject was going to attempt to hit me with his car.

Shannon then exited the car and charged towards me. I then pushed Shannon away from me and advised him "to stop resisting." Shannon then attempted to charge towards me again and I escorting Shannon to a [sic] the ground using an armbar takedown maneuver.

Shannon was charged with misdemeanor obstruction without violence.

He adds on his GoFundMe page:

For 8 months, I have been scraping by making sure we don’t miss any bills or rent payments. I was hesitant to set this page up because I’m not one to ask for help, not even from family. They’ve done all they can and now I come to you, the people. Help me get my family back on our feet.

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