Black Man Dies While In Police Custody Over Revoked License (Video)


William Reddix died while in the custody of police in Davie, Fla., last Friday morning.

According to police, Reddix was driving a car while his driver's license was revoked. He reportedly drove to the apartment that he shared with his girlfriend Ally Dalton.

“[Reddix] came in the house and told me he thinks he’s going to jail and he jumped out the back window and swam across the canal and hid,” Dalton told CBS Miami (video below).

Witnesses recalled hearing the police pursue Reddix with a police dog.

“[Reddix] was screaming, ‘No get off me. It hurts. It hurts. Get off me,’ and then a second later it was just quiet,” stated Jasmin Delgado.

The Davie Police said in a statement: “The suspect fled on foot and was located and apprehended by canine. Once in custody, the suspect began to experience health issues. Davie Fire Rescue transported the suspect to Memorial Pembroke where he expired a short time later.”

However, friends and family of Reddix say the 32-year-old man was healthy.

Reddix reportedly spent time in jail for possessing and selling drugs, and had been arrested six weeks ago on another drug charge.

Dalton told Local 10 News that Reddix had been released from prison eight months ago and was working as a welder.

Dalton claimed that the police harassed Reddix and promised he would be back in jail soon.

The coroner has not yet released the cause of Reddix's death. None of the Davie police officers have been placed on administrative leave.

Sources: Local 10 News, CBS Miami


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