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Black Man Calls 911 For Girlfriend, Georgia Police Kill Him (Video)

About 75 people attended a candlelight vigil on Jan 29 outside the DeKalb County Courthouse in Georgia.

The vigil was held in memory of Kevin Davis, an African-American man who was fatally shot by police, noted Atlanta Progressive News.

Davis reportedly called 911 after a guest stabbed his girlfriend, April Edwards, in the couple’s apartment in Decatur, Georgia, on Dec. 29, 2014.

Three eyewitnesses claim DeKalb Police Officer Joseph Pitts arrived, didn't announce his arrival or identify himself, but did shoot Davis' three-legged dog, reports

Davis, who was still in the bedroom with Edwards, apparently got his gun and rushed into the living area where he was fatally shot by Pitts, who claimed that Davis refused to drop his gun when ordered.

Davis was taken to a local hospital, but his family was reportedly not allowed to see him because he was “in police custody.” Davis died from the gunshot wounds on New Year's Eve.

“We have witnesses that will testify that then they hear police yell ‘Drop the gun’ after they hear the shots,” family lawyer Mawuli “Mel” Davis told the vigil, noted 11 Alive.

"He did not deserve what he got," DeLisa Davis, the victim’s sister, recalled at the vigil. "And the DeKalb County Police Department has just dismissed us like yesterday’s garbage.”

Sources: 11 Alive, Atlanta Progressive News,  Image Credit: 11 Alive Screenshot


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