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Black Lives Matter Activist Shot Dead In New Orleans

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A well-known Black Lives Matter activist was shot dead in New Orleans. He was known for his video footage of crossing over a police line and grabbing a confederate flag in Charleston.

The activist, known as Muhiyidin d'Bah and also known as Muhidin Elamin Moye -- and to some, Moya -- was shot at 1:00 a.m. on Monday morning, according to the Daily Mail. He was reported dead from loss of blood at 9:30 a.m. the next day after being rushed to the hospital.

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The activist was reportedly in New Orleans for personal reasons and not necessarily for activist purposes. Very little is known about the shooting and police are still investigating on the motive and suspects behind the killing.

D’Bah was in his 30s when he lost his life and was considered a very significant figure in the community. News about his death has greatly affected his friends and family, who had called up a fundraiser with a $7,500 target -- but ended up raising $15,000.

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Prior to his death, D’Bah had been arrested in February 2017 for disorderly conduct when he jumped a police line and grabbed a flag from a Secessionist member.

The man had been waving the flag outside Sottile Theatre in Charleston, South Carolina, and was part of a demonstration. He was said to be waiting on Brittany Newsome, who was scheduled to give a talk at the premise.

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This act resulted in great tension where members from the party demonstrated against D’Bah by flying their flags over garages in the city all through the weekend.

D’Bah was reportedly a passionate activist and was caught on live camera running through a police barricade behind a TV anchor.

He tried grabbing the Confederate flag after breaking through the barrier, but soon dropped it before getting tackled by police officers.

D’Bah and his parents moved to Southern California when he was 13. His father is Muslim while his mother is of the Baha’i faith.

D’Bah had a troubled childhood, in which he reportedly got into trouble for stealing cars but later went on to college to study psychology and also played football.  

His friends and family speculate that his death was the result of a violent hate crime, although it is still not quite clear who is behind the shooting and what motive they had. Friends and family have paid tribute to him on Facebook as they try to absorb the shock of his death, while stating that he was a man who lived and served his community and people.

D’Bah’s sudden passing has left many in shock as the police assure the community that they are looking into his case and are working on it as hard as they can. He was known to be a fighter of justice by his friends and family and even though some of them disagreed with his methods of expression, they still upheld his message.

According to reports and interviews, droves of people are convinced that there is a lot more to his killing than meets the eye. 

Source: Daily Mail / Featured Image: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr / Embedded Images: Public Domain Pictures, PexelsDerek Bridges/Flickr

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