Black Judge Slams 'Racist' Cop Convicted Of Beating Black Man (Video)


Wayne County, Michigan, Judge Vonda Evans skewered former Inkster police officer William Melendez in court during his sentencing on Feb. 2 (video below).

Melendez was caught on video punching Floyd Dent, a black man, 16 times in 10 seconds during a traffic stop in January 2015, notes WXYZ.

Melendez was found guilty in November 2015 of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and misconduct in office.

“You utilized your ‘Dirty Harry’ tactics and used excessive force to arrest him," Evans told Melendez. "You betrayed your city. You caused your lovely wife heartache and you caused Mr. Dent severe anguish."

Evans also referred to Melendez and the other cop who stopped Dent as "racist police officers looking to do a n-----."

Evans sentenced Melendez to a minimum of 13 months in prison and a maximum of 10 years, but it's not clear exactly how much time he will serve. Melendez was credited for the 85 days that he already served in jail.

“To Mr. Dent and his family, I am truly sorry if this has caused undue hardships in your personal life,” Melendez said in court before he was sentenced.

Dent's injuries included broken ribs and blood on his brain, notes The Associated Press.

"And if you have any animosity towards law enforcement, that was not my intention," Melendez added.

Melendez has filed an appeal of his conviction.

Sources: WXYZ, AP via / Photo credit: Screenshot via WXYZ/YouTube

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