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Blacks Criticize Obama on Immigration

LOS ANGELES-- BOND Action, a cultural action organization, which exists to educate, motivate and rally Americans to greater involvement in the moral, cultural and political issues that threaten this country, has come out in full support of Arizona's immigration law, SB1070. President Barack Obama has criticized the bill. Left-wing black activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have compared the state to "Nazi Germany" and the law as equivalent to a form of "terrorism."

"President Obama and his race-hustling friends oppose SB1070 because they want amnesty for the more than 12-million illegal aliens in the U.S. which would create another Democratic Party voting-bloc and help them attain their goal of permanent power," said BOND Action Founder and President, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. "This Arizona law is a direct result of the Obama administration's failure to enforce existing federal immigration laws. Those injecting race into the debate are left-wing-ideologues motivated by a political agenda."

The Arizona law mirrors federal law, which requires non-citizens to register and carry their identification with them and says that violating federal immigration law is now a state crime as well. It allows police to only ask about immigration status in the normal course of lawful contact with a person, such as a traffic stop or if they have committed a crime. According to federal government estimates Arizona has had one of the fastest growing illegal immigration populations in the country increasing from 330,000 in 2000 to 560,000 by 2008.

"Sharpton, Jackson and Obama administration officials are misleading the public about this law in hopes of preventing other states from following Arizona's lead. Seventy-percent of Arizona's citizens support the law. It's not designed to racially profile or discriminate. I commend the lawmakers and citizens for taking the necessary course of action on this issue," Rev. Peterson said.


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