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'Our Breakfast Matters': 'Black Brunch' Protesters Spark Controversy At Atlanta Restaurant (Video)

A group of activists that call themselves the "Black Brunch" protesters have been walking into various eateries for the past few months and voicing their concerns over the two issues that concern them most in today's society: white privilege and the oppression of African Americans.  

The protesters faced a vocal group of diners that pushed back on Sunday at a restaurant in Decatur, Georgia, and the incident was caught on camera. 

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When Black Brunch protesters entered Sweet Melissa's, which was voted Atlanta's Best Brunch in 2004, they were met with angry comments and even physical violence, according to some of the protesters, reports The Blaze.

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One table of diners reportedly yelled, "Our breakfast matters," while others shouted, "Go home!" and "You're stirring up conflict!" 

Protesters say some of the restaurant goers shoved them and that a staff member at Sweet Melissa's touched one of the protester's shoulders, which caused controversy. Staffers also threatened to call police on the protesters. 

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Despite the reactions of some, Black Brunch was considered a success. One Twitter user named AUCShutItDown wrote, "#BlackBrunchATL was a success. Interrupting white spaces to raise white consciousness and expose internalized racism." 

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Source: The Blaze, AUCShutItDown/Twitter

Photo Credit: Jim Chambers/Twitter, Blake Simons/


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