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Black Belt Store Owner Fights Off Knife-Wielding Robber (Video)

Edward Stevenson, 41, tried to rob Lanhydrock Stores in Plymouth, England. Little did he know the lone female employee was not as easy a mark as she appeared.

Muhunthiny Sivasothy, a 38-year-old mother of three, was at the end of her 12-hour shift at the store when Stevenson tried to rob the store, reported Metro. Though Stevenson was armed with a knife, Sivasothy is a black belt in martial arts and she quickly knocked the weapon out of his hand and dragged him out of the store. The would-be robbery was caught on security cameras (video below).

“I thought about pinning him on the floor but we didn’t have any space so I just chucked him out of the door,” she said. “I subconsciously thought ‘why should you steal my hard earned money?’ the time I have to spend away from my family to get it. I won’t let you take what little I have in my (cash register).” 

Though she got a small cut on her finger, Sivasothy was otherwise unharmed.

Stevenson went on to rob a nearby store, but police caught him. He was recently sentenced to three years in prison for his actions. He told Plymouth Crown Court that he had been struggling with addiction for 25 years.

Sivasothy said she regrets what she did. “He could have killed me. My children would have had no mother and my husband would have lost his wife. Was it really worth it? No.”

Sources: Metro, YouTube

Image via Metro


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