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Black Activist Charged With Arson In Confederate Flag Burning (Video)

Patricia Cameron was arrested on July 22 in Manitou Springs, Colorado, after organizing a public burning of the Confederate flag on July 4 (video below).

Cameron, an activist and blogger, was arrested on suspicion of fourth-degree arson, according to a press release issued by the Manitou Springs Police Department.

The flag burning happened at Soda Springs Park, notes the Colorado Springs Gazette.

In the video, an unidentified man holds the flag while another man sets it ablaze. A woman does hold the flag while it burns, but it's not clear if the woman is Cameron.

The Manitou Springs Police Department said in its press release:

"An accelerant was poured onto the flag, which was held over a small grill, lit with a lighter, at which point flames erupted. The situation posed a risk of danger to the property and citizens of Manitou Springs, as there were multiple people in the area."

Before the flag burning event, Cameron told The Colorado Springs Independent:

"The Confederate flag has long been offensive to minorities, especially blacks. So, you can say that seeing a killer advertise the Confederate flag in his pictures can add flame to that fire, so to speak, almost literally, but this is honestly something I've grown up with — and that's been more like a distrust when I see that. I almost immediately, and most people I've spoken to, associate it with somebody who is a bigot."

Sources: Colorado Springs Gazette, Colorado Springs Independent / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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