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Bizarre Posting Offers Free Lodging To Person To Act Like A Walrus

When you are old and lonely, things can get pretty weird. A Brighton, England, resident is looking for someone to move in and live rent-free. The only catch? That person is tasked with replacing Gregory, a walrus, the "most fulfilling" friend the man has ever had.

Although “Gregory The Walrus” sounds like a children’s book, it isn’t. Based on this online posting for a “lodger”, the person posting it apparently spent three years on St. Lawrence Island in Alaska with “Gregory,” — an actual walrus.

In exchange for free rent, you would have to wear a homemade, but realistic, walrus costume for two hours a day, make walrus sounds and eat fish and crabs that are thrown toward your open mouth.

"With the exception of this, you will be free to do whatever you choose," the unknown walrus aficionado wrote. "I am a considerate person ... and other than playing the accordion, my tastes are easy to accommodate."

Sources: MSN, Gumtree


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