Bizarre Fireball In Icelandic Sky Caught On Video Seen As Possible Evidence Of UFO Landing


A strange video that surfaced on YouTube showing a fireball that appears in the sky and slowly descends into a town said to be Akureyri in Iceland has sparked speculation that it might be a clear visual record of an alien spacecraft.

On the other hand, it could also be a shot from a flare gun, as one report says that police in Iceland have determined. But that report is so far uncorroborated.

The 43-second video was posted on October 1 to the account of Bjarki Mikkelsen, whose YouTube account includes numerous videos of odd phenomena in the sky.

In his description of the video, Mikkelsen wrote that he was watching a webcam feed of the sky over Akureyri on September 29 when he noticed the apparent fireball.

Watch the “UFO” video below. A still image of the descending fireball is at right.

“It's not a helicopter or a plane, clear to see,” Mikkelsen wrote. “I have had the opportunity to believe it is a kind of drone. The ball lands in a garden and you can see that it is as if there is a fire in a short time just after it landed or dropped. I do not know what it is but it looks quite interesting. Maby (sic) something climate experimental, military...”

UFO researcher Jason McClellan, editor and writer of the UFO magazine and web site Open Minds, noted that, if the fireball is not an alien craft or just a hoax, “a possible explanation for the mysterious light in this video is a rocket parachute flare.”

McClellan located two other YouTube videos of rocket parachute flares that bear a strong resemblance to the Icelandic “UFO” video.

He also cites a comment on the YouTube page which reads, “Actually the local police in Akureyri [have] investigated this matter and were able to confirm that this was indeed a shot from a flare gun.” But there have been no other reports as yet corroborating this police verdict.

SOURCES: Daily Mirror, YouTube, Bjarki Mikkelsen, Open Minds


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