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Young Boy Chased Around Tree By Angry Bison (Video)

A bison charged after a young boy at the Yellowstone National Park when the youngster apparently inched too close, in a video filmed by another park visitor.

In the video, a family can be seen inching closer to a bison who stands just off of the pedestrian path. The man filming the scene stands a few feet behind the family and comments on their poor choices.

“See his head movements, see him gesturing? He’s saying ‘I will get you, I will get you,’” the unidentified man said.

Suddenly, the bison charges and the family scatters. The young boy is made the bison’s target and the bison chases the boy around a tree. The boy’s family yells at him to run, and he eventually shakes off the beast.

The video went viral immediately after it was uploaded to YouTube and posted on the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page.

"This video is one that makes us angry, especially at the irresponsible person behind the camera urging the children ‘to go ahead and touch him,’” the chamber wrote on its Facebook page. "This group has no idea how incredibly lucky they were that no one was injured or killed."

In many of the YouTube comments, users complained that the boy’s father should be charged with criminal neglect.

Sources: DailyMail, NY Daily News


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