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Birthers Still Won't Believe Obama's Birth Certificate

President Obama got tired. He got tired of the constant whining of birthers who stated that he really isn't president. President Obama, above and beyond any Constitutional requirement for him to do so, had released the short form birth certificate that everyone born in the state of Hawaii receives.

He released it back in 2008 and has been attacked as a secret Martian Zombie, sorry, secret Kenyan Muslim since. So he got a legal waiver for the state of Hawaii to release a copy of the original birth certificate. Well, of course that would end the birther movement in its tracks, right? Yeah, right. Conspiracy theories are abounding that this long form (along with the short form) are, of course, frauds.

Not a surprise. Why would anyone believe that birthers, who have been invested in saying the short form was a fraud, would go easy into the good night? I mean, some have made millions of dollars off of this absurd conspiracy. Books saying Obama isn't president, require enough people to believe that Obama isn't president. Be assured, though, that the rank and file birthers aren't going away. One of these birthers posted on a blog that the doctor who attended Obama's birth, had died. Hmmm, suspicious? Well, not really, he died eight years ago at the age of 81.

Anyway, why would those who didn't believe the short form version birth certificate, believe the long form? Simply, many, if not most, don't. The right-wing websites are full of comments by individuals who are just as doubtful about Obama being a citizen today as yesterday. The fact is, President Obama and the Democratic party are well served by the birther movement, because once you get outside the base of the Republican party, the birther movement isn't very popular. Most Americans aren't full of hatred of President Obama.

The simple fact is, if Obama wasn't attacked over the birther issue, he would be attacked over something else. If another Democrat was president, he/she would be attacked just as viciously. Hillary Clinton might be called a secret Welsh, for example. The birther movement really isn't about the president and if he was born in the U.S., it is about the far-right seeing everyone they disagree with, as evil and bad.


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