Birth Mother Of Teen Who Shot Woman Defends Her Son's Actions

A woman claiming to be the birth mother of the 14-year-old Detroit, Michigan, teen who is accused of shooting the woman who cares for him has come forward in defense of her son.

Tawjauna Grady Trammell says the 14-year-old is her son and that he and his brother have been living with her brother and his wife for the past 10 years.

She claims her sons have been abused.

"My kids have been beaten on before," Trammell said. "Like my oldest son, he still has scars on him right now from being beaten on and all the different situations they go through, that I don't know."

Trammell believes the shooting took place because of the abuse.

"I don't want to see my son go down like that," Trammell said. "Because all he was doing was trying to protect himself."

According to police, the woman had disciplined the teen and his reaction was to shoot her, reports Click On Detroit.

The boys’ legal guardian and uncle, Orlando Grady, confirmed to Fox 2 News that Trammell is their birth mother. He did not respond to text messages asking if he is aware the boys had been abused.

Trammell claims the boys have run away from home while living with Grady.

The teen ran from the home after the shooting Thursday night and was apprehended Friday morning. He was taken to a juvenile detention center and Juvenile Court will decide if he will face charges.

The woman who was shot is recovering but may require surgery.

Sources: Fox 2 News, Click On Detroit

Photo Source: Fox 2 News


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