Birmingham Students Finally Have Their Prom After 50 Years

Students in Birmingham, Alabama had their prom canceled in 1963 because of segregation-related issues within the city. Now that the days of segregation are behind them, the Class of 1963 finally had their prom - 50 years later.  

In 1963, Birmingham was transitioning from being segregated to non-segregated. The change was difficult for the city and there were many protests about the issue. One of those protests was the so-called “Children’s March.” During that particular event, hundreds of students left school early and took to the streets in protest.

That march led to thousands of arrests and many major high school events, including the prom, being canceled. In fact, the prom wasn’t even the biggest event to get pushed to the wayside. Graduation was also canceled.

That’s all in the past, though. This past week, students from the Class of 1963 reunited at the Boutwell Auditorium to have the event that they were denied 50 years ago, The Inquisitr reported.

Eugene Arms appreciated the chance to finally bring his sweetheart to the big dance.

"It's really a much more pleasant event because we can afford the attire, we have no problem getting back and forth," Arms said. "It makes you appreciate everything when we were children. The sacrifices people made."

Sources: The Inquisitr, CNN


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