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Bird Crashes Into Plane Windshield, Implodes (Video)

Rob Weber recently got a shock when a bird, possibly a hawk, flew into the windshield of his small airplane during a flight last Saturday.

Weber had a camera inside his plane, which caught the collision on video (below).

After the bird smashed into the windshield, Weber was forced to land his 1986 Piper Saratoga plane at Page Field in Fort Myers, Fla.

“I always wondered what it’d be like to have a bird strike take out your windshield, and now I know," Weber told WINK News.

Weber was flying at 170 m.p.h when the bird imploded on his windshield. All that was left was a leg.

“I didn’t even see the bird coming,” Weber told the News-Press. “He managed to miss the prop and ended up with me inside the plane and then he was out.”

“It was a total shock,” added Weber. “I have a had a lot of close-call bird strikes, but this was the first hit.”

“Everything went cattywampus. At first, it kinda knocked it out of me, startled me,” said Weber. “The wind got my eyes real bad, and I tried to cup the mic so the controller could hear me.”

Weber suffered a minor injury to his head, but showed a sense of humor by wearing an Angry Birds T-shirt while speaking to the News-Press.

Sources: News-Press and WINK News


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