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D.C. Mother Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Her Child With Cerebral Palsy

A young Washington D.C. mother has pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated assault and armed child cruelty against her 9-year-old son who is suffering from cerebral palsy.

Betty Threat, 27, admitted to the torturing, imprisoning and starving her child. This treatment reportedly occurred inside her apartment in June 2014. According to WUSA9, Threat and her boyfriend, Lester Jackson, “poured scalding hot water on her disabled son, taped his arms and legs with duct tape, left him locked in the bathroom or bedroom for days on end and withheld food for months.”

The boy was found by his father, Taurus Bullock, who then rushed him to the Children’s National Medical Center. The doctors and staff at the hospital identified a total of 60 injuries and learned that the child had been locked in a bedroom for three months while being tortured by his mother and her then-boyfriend.

According to Crime Feed, Threat told police that she punished her child because she was “embarrassed” of his disability and blamed him for a miscarriage as well.

After pleading guilty to the counts on Monday, Threat also told police of her own upbringing as a child. She claims that she was born to a mother who was addicted to crack. She says she was sent to a psychiatric facility when she was the same age has her son for microwaving the family cat and has been since diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Threat avoided the possibility of decades in prison by pleading guilty as part of a deal with prosecutors that will potentially result in up to 9 years in prison. She will be sentenced in June while her other three children are placed in foster care. She is also facing a neglect case that is in the process of being filed.

Sources: Crime Feed,WUSA9 / Photo Source: Wikipedia


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