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Biologist Suggests Humans Could Evolve to Have Chameleon Skin, Flexible Skeletons

A scientist has released a list of qualities he thinks humans could evolve, including tentacles, color-changing skin, flexible skeletons and selective hearing.

Dr. Dean Burnett said humans might be able to change their skin color, like chameleons, by evolving chomatophores or by using technology. 

"Being able to either visually blend in or stand out at will would be a potent advantage in modern society, one that evolutionary pressures could make more common," he said. 

And while humans can already engage in selective hearing, Burnett thinks this will evolve to filter out noise from social media and other sources of information.

"Rather than diverting attention to more relevant inputs, humans could develop the ability to actively 'tune out' things they don't want to hear, like closing your eyes to block an unpleasant sight," he said.

He also believes, due to our heavy use of computers, that we will develop tentacle-like fingers for typing.

Or, he suggests, humans will develop more cartilage in their skeletons, similar to sharks. This allows them to be more flexible and give birth easily. 

Burnett said while his speculations are just his own musings, new research suggests even crazier evolution paths the human race could go down. One study even suggested that we could one day grow beaks.

Dr. Fraser, a biologist, said that humans will evolve to grow new teeth constantly. Fraser said that because human teeth are no longer fit for purpose, they could change into a beak.

Sources: Daily Mail, Guardian


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