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Michigan Billboard's Anti-Gay Marriage Statement Sparks Controversy

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A billboard in West Michigan along U.S. 131 is under fire for its anti-gay marriage sentiment.

It states, “Homosexuality is a behavior. Not a civil right.”

The billboard was paid for by the Michigan Oak Initiative, a Christian organization that wishes “to restore a Judeo-Christian worldview into our culture,” according to a spokesperson for the group.

The billboard comes at the heels of a Supreme Court debate on Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage.

“This is a Christian nation,” said Mark Gurley, head of the Michigan chapter of the organization, according to MLive. “Our country has kind of gotten away from that. I would rather see a restoration of American than another revolution.”

The sign shows multiple people’s faces of different races beside one person that with a rainbow face. A statement near the images states that a person is not born homosexual.

Gurley, an ordained minister, continued: “If same-sex marriage is approved … by five justices, then a super class of citizens is created that says to any Christian that you can be criminalized [for preaching the Bible]. The purpose of the billboard is to stop an agenda to remove our First Amendment.”

He added: "I'm not anti-gay. I've got friends and family who struggle with that. I have no problem if people want to commit homosexual acts with consenting people, but to demand marriage is forcing it down the rest of the public's throat.”

He also insists that the billboard does not have an anti-homosexual agenda saying, “What the billboard is not, is it’s not anti-gay.”

For local LGBT activist, Brian Keeley, the billboard is completely anti-gay.

“The message that individuals are not born within the LGBT community is a complete misnomer and science has proven that time and time again,” Keeley said, according to WoodTV.

“Fundamentally, who you are is something you should be allowed to express and if there are benefits given under laws to certain individuals as well as protections towards individuals, that needs to be provided to everyone on an equal basis," he added.

The Supreme Court is slated to reach a decision on the matter by the end of June.

Source: FOX17MLive, WoodTV

Photo Credit: MLive


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