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Billboard Features Santa With AR-15 Assault Rifle (Video)

A billboard featuring Santa Claus holding an AR-15 rifle recently went up in Butte County, California.

The ad sits on Highway 99 to promote the Down Range Indoor Training Center.

The billboard states, "We build AR’s for Santa.”

“And you know, ’tis the season, so we thought it would be a good idea,” Steve Dyke, gun range co-owner, told CBS Sacramento (video below).

“Obviously, Santa Claus is kinda synonymous with Christmas,” added Dyke. “We actually thought, you know, we kinda got a kick out of it, thought it would be good and thought other people would think it was funny.”

Customer Bob Marshall stated, "That’s a First Amendment right, err, Second Amendment right, excuse me, and I believe in it fully."

However, a teacher told CBS Sacramento, "Yeah, He looks evil (laughs). That’s kinda scary. Like, as a teacher, I would not want my students to see that. I don’t think you need to put out that as Santa has a gun.”

According to WIAT, a billboard warning people not to drink and drive has sprung up in South Dakota (video below).

That billboard features "Randy The Party Santa."

Sources: WIAT, CBS Sacramento
Image Credit: CBS Sacramento Screenshot


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