Bill O'Reilly: Black Lives Matter Kills People (Video)


Fox News host Bill O'Reilly asserted during his May 25 broadcast that the anti-police violence group Black Lives Matter is "killing Americans" (video below).

During his "Talking Points Commentary," O'Reilly stated:

First, the stats, and they are stunning. Since the Ferguson chaos, murders in the USA's 50 largest cities are up close to 17 percent. And much higher in cities with large black populations. In Chicago, for example, this year alone, shootings [are] up around 80 percent. Why? Because the Chicago police have stopped stopping suspicious people.

So-called pedestrian stops are down 90 percent in the Windy City. When you fail to police people proactively, people commit more crimes. The media will not spotlight that much of the violent crime in America is being committed right now by young black men.

Up until this moment, O'Reilly didn't name any of sources for his statistics, but then Heather Mac Donald, of the conservative Manhattan Institute, was noted on the screen.

O'Reilly added:

In fact, black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at a rate 10 times higher than white and Hispanic male teenagers combined. And blacks of all ages commit homicide at a rate eight times higher than whites and Hispanics combined. Conclusion? There is a violent sub-culture in the African-American community that should be exposed and confronted.

Enter the Black Lives Matter crew which roams around the country promoting a false narrative that American police officers are actively hunting down and killing blacks. Here's the truth: Police shot whites at a rate of 50 percent in 2015. Police shot blacks at a rate of 26 percent.

Mac Donald has a new book coming out in June entitled "The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe," which O'Reilly mentioned later. The book's own description on Amazon seems to echo O'Reilly's statements:

Violent crime has been rising sharply in many American cities after two decades of decline. Homicides jumped nearly 17 percent in 2015 in the largest 50 cities, the biggest one-year increase since 1993.

The reason is what Heather Mac Donald first identified nationally as the “Ferguson effect." Since the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, officers have been backing off of proactive policing, and criminals are becoming emboldened.

This book expands on Mac Donald’s groundbreaking and controversial reporting on the Ferguson effect and the criminal-justice system. It deconstructs the central narrative of the Black Lives Matter movement: that racist cops are the greatest threat to young black males.

On the contrary, it is criminals and gangbangers who are responsible for the high black homicide death rate.

Vox noted in 2015 that Mac Donald was promoting the theory of the "Ferguson effect," which was originally coined by St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson.

According to Vox, the Sentencing Project's 2015 report which noted that St. Louis' murder increase began before Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson police officer in August 2014, which means there was no "Ferguson effect" to start the increase.

The news site also interviewed criminologists who cited several studies and possible reasons for increases in crime, which contradicted the "Ferguson effect" theory.

Sources: Amazon, Vox, Fox News via YouTube / Photo credit: Fox News via YouTube

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