Bill O'Reilly Asks Kentucky Wildcats’ Coach How He Controls Black Players (Video)


Fox News' host Bill O'Reilly has devoted many broadcasts of this TV show, "The O'Reilly Factor," to what he believes are problems in the black community.

O'Reilly, who has blamed black crime on black, unwed mothers, interviewed Kentucky Wildcats basketball coach John Calipari last night about controlling his black players, notes (video below).

According to New York Magazine, during the interview, O'Reilly asked Calipari, "I don't know if you listen to this rap stuff and the hip-hop stuff, but it has coarsened. Has that changed their attitude? How do you impose discipline on kids who are gonna do what they're gonna do?"

Calipari looked visibly uncomfortable, but told O'Reilly how important it was that he gained his players' trust and that they know their coach is looking out for their best interests.

"But do they act differently toward you?" asked O'Reilly. "Do they use four-letter words?"

Calipari denied they do, but admitted that many of the players grew up without dads, and then added, "Some of the best kids I coached were raised by a grandmother who was so firm that they understood."

O'Reilly then asked, "How do you keep them away from temptation with the hustlers everywhere?"

"There are drugs everywhere," said O'Reilly. "They're giving the kids drugs for free, how do you keep them away from that?"

Calipari again explained how the kids come to the school to play basketball and learn, but O'Reilly still wasn't satisfied.

"Do you have guys on them all the time? Curfews? Coaches watching them? Drug testing? Do you drug test?"

Calipari explained how he uses NBA security on the road to keep bad influences away from his players, but added the kids are from good homes.

Sources: and New York Magazine


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