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Bill O’Reilly: If Young Boys Shouldn’t Go To Hooters, Transgender Kids Shouldn’t Be In Girls’ Locker Rooms (Video)

Bill O’Reilly defended a middle school football coach in Oregon, who recently took his team to Hooters, arguing that if transgender students are allowed into girls’ locker rooms, then there should be no problem “taking a 12-year-old to see ‘T and A.’”

He told liberal “O’Reilly Factor” guest and Fox News host Alan Colmes that the football players, ages 12 to 14, also see nearly-naked females whenever they go to the beach.

He implied it’s hypocritical for liberals to support “legalizing marijuana, you want the transsexuals, everybody in the bathroom, in the locker room,” but decry a public school coach taking children to Hooters to award them for a win.

The Hooters dinner for the football team at Corbett Middle School was an event scheduled by Coach Randy Burbach. He was asked by the district athletic director to move the “banquet” to a different location, but refused.

“We’re talking about adults,” Colmes said. “Adults. When it comes to kids, it’s a different story.”

“No, no, no,” O’Reilly said. “In the transsexual in the locker room in the bathroom and all of that, you’re fine that, but you won’t take the kid to Hooters.”

“There happen to be people of an indeterminate gender who are out in public, you have to deal with it, people have to learn to deal with that,” Colmes responded.

“The way you deal with it is basically ‘Look if you’re born a boy you stay in the boy’s locker room … and then when you’re an adult you can go where you want,” O’Reilly said. “But this is what gets me about you — you, Colmes, you say no to Hooters, but yes to the transgender. Here comes a guy who thinks he’s a girl, into the locker room. ”

“One issue has nothing to do with the other, Bill,” Colmes said. “One is taking a 12-year-old to see ‘T and A,’ and the other is someone who happens to be of indeterminate gender because that’s the way they’re built. It’s a different thing.”

“Listen. If the guy goes into the girls’ locker room, there’s going to be what you just described! But you’re ok with it!” O’Reilly yelled.

“So a girls’ locker room is like Hooters to you?” Colmes asked.

“Have you ever been in a locker room, Colmes?” O’Reilly replied.

“They don’t have chicken wings but — it’s called a locker room for a reason. Do you see what I’m saying?”

“You are conflating two separate issues, two different environments that have nothing to do with each other,” Colmes laughed.

Sources: Raw StoryMedia Matters


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